chaos contained!

circular knitting needles are important tool of the knitting trade but organizing them can be a serious challenge. i’ve tried it all – boxes, pouches, drawers! they still end up a mess!

then enter royce the cat!


he is our chilled out russian blue who LOVES chewing knitting needles! i mean LOVES! we’ve never had a cat who chewed needles. but this sweetie comes to the sound of a knitting needle like a siren call. so i can’t leave them out at all. never. ever.

my current organization tools weren’t hacking it! and the super cool circular solution we sold at the shop would have meant a kitty feast of epic portions! (i guarantee he would have developed opposable thumbs and figured out how to get the closet door open to munch on the bamboo goodness!)

so to pinterest…  and voila!! circular organization at it’s finest! a quick trip to the container store to grab one of these beauties!


then attacked it with my trusty labelmaker!

each “photo” case has a different size needle. and all the cases fit nicely into a carrying case with handle. i chose to have all cable lengths in one case because i only wanted one carrier. but if you have want to take your knitting needle organization to a new level, try  having an individual case for 16″, 24″, 32″ or 40″ cable lengths!

now i know exactly where all my needles are and the cat can’t get to them. who knew i had so many US6 and US8 needles??!?!?!?

do you have a way of organizing your knitting needles that you are particularly proud of? share with us on MUSEUMGIRLKNITZ facebook or instagram page!


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