fair isle fun

today is the last fair isle class at THE TWISTED PURL!!! we’ve all had a lot of fun and we have the hats to prove it!!!!

look at all those cool fair isle hats in progress. the color choses are as unique as each woman knitting them!

the class project was this hat that I designed and is now available on ravelry!

and for further inspiration here are a few of my favorite fair isle patterns designed by other people!!!

mobius cowl from vogue knitting 2013/14
traditional fair isle design with modern vibrant colors
wonderful sharp sweater design by kate davies
fair isle doesn’t have to be all “every color under the rainbow” and crazy pattern
or no color at all!
tonal hand-dye for main color and varigated hand-dye for contrast color

so head over to ravelry.com and search for FAIR ISLE! the possiblities are endless.

or 9,207 as of 09/18/2017!

happy knitting!








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