Bullet Journal :(


The Bullet Journal should have been perfect! It should have been what worked for me!

I love little notebooks. And different color pens. And lists of things. And indexes.

But it didn’t! It just didn’t work for me.


First of all, I either travel super light. Keys, wallet, phone.


Or super heavy. Backpack with a lot of knitting projects.

The Bullet Journal didn’t work with the former. I was just one more thing to carry and remember.

And if I had it in my backpack… well it was always at the bottom and couldn’t be retrieved quickly enough.

But I LOVE the concept of the Bullet Journal. So I use a weird hybrid of things that work for me. Evernote, iCloud, iCalendar, and Post-It notes. Yep, old fashioned Post-Its!!!!


But it works for me! Most of the time….

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