finally fine


a while back – when i owned the shop – customers fell in love with this vogue knitting cover project (winter 2013/14).

i didn’t have the enough color of koigu kpm (we were always more kpppm folks) in stock so i helped customers pick colors from other fingering weight yarns.


i chose spud & chloë fine for my personal version. and at the time i loved the colors. well really i still love the colors. but like so many shop projects, it did its job before i finished mine – it sold yarn. so it ended up in the ufo bucket. just after christmas i pulled it out and started working on it again. i love this yarn and the colors and the fair isle but it just wasn’t coming together. there was something just not quite right. maybe the color green needed to be brighter like the kelly green in the original. maybe all the colors needed to be brighter.

Digital StillCamera

i cut the yarn and searched ravelry for something else. i found this pattern. it had been in my favorites forever. and i thought my colors of fine would make a wonderful chevron striped scarf a la that famous italian designer whose stuff was impossible to get when he did a line for target a few year back. problem! with narrow stripes of different colors, its all weaving in and i couldn’t find a knit the ends in that looked right.  and for an adult scarf, that’s a lot of ends.

so away with it. what’s a knitter to do?

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 1.43.19 PM

back to ravelry and to the spud & chloe fine page. usually i look at the pattern ideas page but something told me to look at the projects tab instead. with 7402 projects by other people, SURELY there’s something there for me to knit with this yarn!!!!


lo and behold! i found this scarf/shawl by amy miller called 2nd avenue! perfect!

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