Washington DC: Day 2

Really old church that DH saw when he was walking back from the hotel.

Saturday morning we got up and took the subway from Capitol South to Eastern Market. I know what you are thinking – a subway ride for just a few blocks – but we were hungry and I didn’t want my DH to get too distracted by the wonderful Capitol Hill architecture. There would be time for that later. I was on a mission to go to Eastern Market and to visit a LYS called Stitch DC.

We ate breakfast at a fabulous restaurant called Ted’s Bulletin. Homemade pop tarts and other breakfast pastries; adult milkshakes and good coffee (according to DH); to die for bacon and scrambled eggs; and cool decor. Perfect vacation breakfast! Then DH realized that he didn’t have his wallet and we barely had enough cash to cover breakfast and tip. So back to the hotel for DH and strolling around Barracks Row for me. The LYS didn’t open until 11 and I had about 30 minutes to kill. I slowly walked around Marine Barracks Row and slowly window shopped at the shops around Stitch DC. For those of you who don’t know me personally, walking slowing and killing time is not something I do very well. I walk fast (like I’m running to a fire is how my dad describes it) and I hate waiting – even for a LYS to open. Finally the LYS was open and from the every beginning, it was packed. DH walked back from the hotel and got to see the architecture he wanted to and I got to slowly (I know!) walk through the shop and look at everything.

Stitch DC is owned by Marie Connolly, author of The Expectant Knitter. She is loud, opinionated and gracious – I mean all of those as compliments. She welcomes you into her shop with happiness and excitement. There are no strangers at Stitch DC. DH’s walk was longer than expected and so I keep finding stuff I couldn’t live without. Like…Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton to make this hoodie. I splurged and got a set of addi click interchangeable bamboo needles. What a treat!!!

USS Barry

We never made it to Eastern Market because we got distracted by the Naval Yards and the Naval Museum. It was a long walk but the museum was worth it. Unlike so many military museums, the exhibits were well done and the text was actually readable. I mean a non-military person can understand it. The USS Barry is on display and other really cool military stuff. I was about a 3/4 of mile downhill to the museum so it was over a 3/4 of a mile partly uphill to the Metro stop. Thankfully there was a CVS about a block from the Metro so we could get water. We hadn’t prepared for that much walking in 100 degree temperatures. Water never tasted so good!

Next we headed to Dupont Circle for LYS #2 of the day. The water and sitting on the Metro for about 15 minutes revived us. We walked through Dupont Circle. DH took some great pictures. He was trying to get a picture of me in front of the fountain and I didn’t know he was try to take a picture so I keep moving around because I was trying to figure out where the LYS was in relationship to the Circle. PRIORITIES!!!  Finally he said “Stop moving!!” And he got the picture of me in front of the fountain.

Then it was off to shop and find the LYS. We stopped in a fabulous bookstore. It was called Kramerbooks. As DH said – “if we had a bookstore like this in LR, I wouldn’t need to go to Barnes and Noble anymore.” We judge bookstores by their history sections, transportation sections, and their Jane Austen sections. Kramerbooks got a Z+ in all three. A quick look in Ann Taylor Loft (there was a sale) and it was up the street to Looped Yarn Works.

Up a narrow stair case, we found Looped Yarn Works. What I cool big city experience that was! We never have to go to the 2nd floor to shop in Arkansas except at the mall. Of the 3 LYS I visited in DC, this was my favorite. I don’t know that I can explain why but it was magical! I was like the shop I dream about owning. Comfy couches, long wood table for classes, wonderful organized yarn in white, wood cube shelves. Trendy but understated at the same time. The sales clerk was friendly and helpful but not hovering.

I walked away with some Rowan Lenpur Linen, Wolles Harmony 50 gram, FrogTree PediBoo, and a single skein of Tilli Tomas Mermaid. But my best find was this project bag.

After about 8 hours of walking, we were exhausted but we still had a night in Baltimore ahead of us. More about that in a later post… 

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