Bragging on my DH’s photographic talents.

My DH is an amazing photographer. He is very critical of his work but I love it. So here are pictures from our recent trip to Washington, DC and Baltimore. Enjoy and watch for an Etsy shop coming soon.

Lights not so good but the amazing architecture is still viable.

Detail of the church in the picture above.

Church across the street from our hotel.

Detail of church across of the street from our hotel.

Rectory building.

Fire House No. 7, Barracks Row.

Dream house on Capital Hill.

They don’t build factories like they used to.

The walk back from Naval Yards.

I mean really – look at the detail.

Birds in Dupont Circle.
Q Street Metro Entrance at Dupont Circle.

7 foot Lighthouse at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

Domino Sugars sign at night.

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