I’m going to work at a yarn shop!!!!!

I have exciting news and I’ve been dying to blog about it but I didn’t want to jinx myself.

A few weeks ago the owner of our local yarn store pulled me aside and asked me if I would come and work for her part time. I was flattered and excited but needed to check with my wonderful husband because he would be on kid duty while I played with yarn.

So last week I made it official and told her that I would be able to work on Sundays and teach a class (probably 2 socks on 1 circ) on Thursday nights. I never thought I would be excited about working retail again but I miss the interaction with customers and other staff. I miss the merchandising and changing out displays. I miss seeing what comes in the next shipment. So if you are in Little Rock and you need a LYS fix, then stop by the Yarn Mart on Kavanaugh starting Sunday, December 12.


  1. Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like a great way of balancing knitting, working and home life. Its rare to be able to do that. I hope it all goes according to plan and you love it as much as you hope.


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