Work in Progress Wednesday: Cashmere Socks

Finally at Work in Progress that is actually on Wednesday!!!! I am making good progress on these cashmere socks for my mom. They are for Christmas and in a way I was guilted into making them. She was at the LYS with me a few months ago and was saying that she doesn’t have anything that I have knitted. I reminded her that she has a few things that I have knitting included a tote bag and a dishcloth. Then she said in her very sweet way that she had always wanted a pair of cashmere socks. (Hint Hint!!!) So I purchased this wonderful thick and thin cashmere yarn and I’m making her some slipper socks. I’m considering telling her that she can only wear them while in bed because they are too luxurious to touch the floor or the inside of a shoe.


  1. Think yourself lucky that all you got guilted into making was socks. I've got a whole waistcoat to make, oh and write the pattern for because my Mother didn't like any of the million patterns on Ravelry – grrrrrr


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