A Birthday Full of Knitting!

Today is my birthday. I’m 36 years old. And my birthday has been filled with knitting. My wonderful husband gave me a copy of the out-of-print knitting bible, The Principles of Knitting.  It is 571 pages of knitting technique and I plan on reading every last word. Then my mom gave me a knitting class at my LYS. The class will use Jared Flood’s Beaumont Fair Isle Tam pattern and Classic Elite Fresco yarn. I’ve done Fair Isle before – I want to take it more for the knit-a-long aspect. My boss gave me the wonderful book, Knitting America – history and knitting in one!

It has been a wonderful birthday so far and it is only half over. This afternoon my husband and I are going to spend the afternoon doing random things that you can’t do with a 2-year-old. Thank goodness for godparents!

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