The Battle of the Juice Box

Our son turned 2 at the end of July and we steadied ourselves for the dreaded terrible twos. And so far we have seen evidence of what everyone warned us about but most of it is just funny. I’m sure we are causing him long time psychological harm but my husband and I have a hard time not laughing at him when he throws one of his fits.

Perfect example today! I was in the bathtub and I heard Will and my husband discussing what Will wanted to drink for breakfast. Juice was ordered and so my husband opened the refrigerator and produced a juice box. But Will didn’t want the straw inserted into the juice box. He just wanted to drink from the hole in the top. My husband tried to explain to Will that unless he put the straw in the box, the hole will not be open for him to drink from.This made no sense to Will – he wanted the juice box immediately without the straw. So my husband handed him the juice box and to no one’s surprise, Will got angry that the hole in the juice box was not open and that the juice was not flowing freely. He pushed the box back at my husband and with an expression like “Do something!” My husband took the straw and inserted it into the juice box and handed the whole thing back to Will. This caused great screaming, crying, and out and out rejection of the juice box. He didn’t want it with the straw and he didn’t want it without the straw. So my husband left him in the kitchen to have his fit. When he returned to the kitchen, the straw was on the floor and the juice box was empty. A happy Will sat watching TV in the living room with a purple stain on his shirt. I’d call that a tie – Daddy – 1 (because Will drank the juice box) and Will -1 (because he drank the juice box his way).

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