Magazine Love

I love magazines. I always have – fashion mags, celeb mags and of course knitting mags. I can’t get enough of them. I used to live for the September issue of Vogue and in high school, I worshiped Rolling Stone. But over the years I have purged my busy life of my piles of magazines. All but my knitting magazines. Knitting mags are not like other mags. They are more akin to books. Whole patterns are stored in their glossy covers. Beautiful advertisements that beckon you to buy this yarn or that yarn. Some call at you that their needles will make you knit faster. I don’t remember being seduced by fragrances or clothing ads in Vogue the way I’m seduced by ads in Vogue Knitting.

A few knitting magazines for my reading pleasure.

And there are dozens of them. Mags for the high fashion knitter (Vogue of course), for the everyday knitter (Interweave Knits), for the trendy knitter (Knitscene and knit.1) and for the non-snobbish knitter (I will not name them for fear of a lawsuit.) I subscribe to VogueKnitting and Interweave Knits but I always stop by the magazine section of the local big box bookstore to see what new overseas mags they might have in stock. These are definitely a splurge. At $10 to $15 a pop, Yarn Forward, Knitter’s, or Knitting are my special treats like ice cream or a candy bar are to others. These magazines are a nice break from knitting and they are much easier to read in the bathtub.

So now I have a moment of glee when I unlock the mailbox and a copy of Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits is inside. Time to be seduced by the yarn and the new project possibilities and the latest new accessories that a knitter cannot be without. I’m off to read Vogue Knitting – it came on Saturday!!!!

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