Pieces coming together

It has been about 20 years since the last royal funeral (the Queen Mother in 2002) so questions about mourning attire and other protocols abound on social media.

Years ago when I started looking at the Breckinridge Papers at the Library of Congress, I discovered lots of correspondence from the Russian court. Most are on very heavy card stock and printed rather than embossed. But quite a few have a black band around the edge or in the margins.

I’ll be honest I didn’t think much about these black bands on some of the invitations. All are in French and so using my scoop and run method of LOC time, I just took pictures and thought “I’ll get to those later.”

Today an article from Town & Country popped up on my social media. The article explained the Queen’s break with tradition in relation to mourning customs.

According to People, the Queen will not use the customary black-edged stationery during the official mourning period. Instead, she will use personalized stationery featuring her crest in black, rather than red.

So that’s what those black borders are all about!?!?!? I never put two and two together! But now I know.

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