A New Reality

My last post was February 28, 2019. Over a year ago. A lot has happened since then – professionally, personally and Breckinridge-wise. Professionally I’m back working full time and it has cut into my time to play with my side project – the Breckinridge letters. At the same time, I’ve been able to spend almost 5 full days at the Library of Congress – looking through boxes, folders, and letters I’ve never looked at before and discovering missing pieces to my Breckinridge puzzle.

And now we have a new reality – at least for the next few weeks – of social distancing and self-quarentine. Little Rock Schools are closed until after Spring Break (March 27). And my work is closed until at least March 23rd. And for someone like me, who needs to be around people… Who gets energy from interaction with other people… This is going to be challenge.

I can keep myself busy. There are lots of projects to do around the house. There are lots of TV shows to binge. And there are lots of Breckinridge letters to look through and process. I have more than enough to do. I keep telling myself that it’s like a snow day with power. A staycation with the potential to accomplishment so much. So I’m going to go wash my hands and get started.

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