100 days of summer

Oh the pool is getting in the way of my knitting, blogging, researching, TV watching time! And it is wonderful!!!!

Growing up, we went to the neighborhood pool a lot on hot summer days. And in Arkansas we have a lot of hot summer days. As a mom, the pool is a great way for me to spend time with my son, away from screens and housework. It’s our thing.

But I don’t get as much knitting done. Or blogging (my last post was over a month ago). Or researching so I can write the blog posts. Or TV watching! I usually take my iPad and keyboard with me to the pool and it’s a slow day, I might get a little writing done. But if a lot of people are at the pool, I’m chatting with my pool mom friends. And sometimes I just sit in the lounge chair, holding a book and daydreaming!!!

I love every minute of our summers at the local pool. I can’t wait for it to open Memorial Day weekend and I’m sad when it closes after Labor Day. I’m more relaxed and my anxiety level is super low at the pool. I can sit for hours upon hours at the pool whereas at home I’m on the move – I’m up and down – while watching TV and researching history. But I also think about all the things I should be doing. The laundry, the dishes, the writing, the researching, the watching, the knitting…

Oh well off to the pool…

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