this is my jam!!!!

so several years ago i organized the arkansas fiber arts extravaganza with my friend betsy. when i got down to business (updating the website, getting class lists out, etc), betsy told me “i can just see you in your office, music blaring, and you getting things done!”

it’s true! i work better and faster with music. so i thought i share my personal work playlists. i hope you enjoy!

for blogging and writing. it’s got everything from adele to dixie chicks to green day to heart to john denver to katy perry to train. but the ones that i skip to …

for cleaning the house. i’ve been cleaning to bangles since 1994 when i grabbed it at hastings in conway for a few bucks!!! then joss stone entered the groove about 2002. i can’t clean without these ladies!

for working at the shop. i was obsessed with ABSOLUTE RADIO. its a london, england radio station with an app. great music and lots of lorrie fires. it’s dominated my music purchases for a few years. here are a few of the bands i discovered and re-discovered thanks to my anglophile tendencies.

in the car. driving alone in the car, it’s gotta be broadway.

but the be all and end all album for me is


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