i think i’ll move to australia!

have you had the cold crud yet??? no it’s not the FLU but it’s bad. nose that won’t stop running! cough that makes other people recoil in disgust! and exhaustion!!!!

and i’m just worn out! and during the holiday season!!!!

i think i’ll move to australia!!!!

Smiling sandy snowman in red santa hat on the sea beach.

as a kid i remember learning that australia was in the southern hemisphere and therefore it was summer time during christmas. i remember a picture or drawing of happy australians building a sand christmas tree on the beach to celebrate the holiday. that’s just wrong i thought!

cause as a kid living in arkansas, you dream of a white christmas. i mean what is santa without snow. all the picture books have santa = christmas = snow. but arkansas in december is either 70 degrees fahrenheit or ice storms and no power. this year arkansas is in a dry arctic freeze with days of below normal temps. i mean cold like teens and single digit fahrenheit. super cold and no snow. no white christmas here.

and to add insult to injury the cruddy cold hit our household hard. and there is so much going on, who has time for a cold (or worse the flu!!!)??? that’s no fun!!!

won’t it be nice to have the best holiday of the year fall during the beautiful summer months? no colds or flu. (yes i know that you can have a summer cold!) longer days. new traditions. and the beach!!!

so next year i just might move to australia to celebrate the holidays in warmth and sun and sand!



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