never run out of tail

one of the troubles with the long tail cast on method is making sure you have enough tail. i know there is a way to measure the amount of tail you will need by wrapping the yarn around the needles but that has never worked for me – EVER!!!!

a couple of years ago, someone (maybe mary?) show me this method of tying the inside and outside yarn ends together in a slip knot and casting on that way. and if you have a lot of stitches to cast on (like 120 for a hat or 628 for a ruffly scarf), then this NEVER RUN OUT OF TAIL METHOD is genius!

so i made a little youtube video (my first) to show y’all how to do it! i promise it will change your life.

WARNING: if you need to rip your project out completely after using this method, know that your cut yarn will be wasted.

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