be a confident knitter

take my fix-it class this sunday (october 22nd) from 1:30 to 4:30 at THE TWISTED PURL in conway!


i get asked all the time about fixing mistakes. and it is easier than you think. it just takes a little practice on a swatch you don’t care about and voila! you’re fixing your own mistakes.

in this class i’ll teach you

  • how to know your stitches
  • how to pick up dropped stitches in garter, stockinette, and ribbed stitch
  • how to turn a backward stitch around
  • how to make a accidental yarn over disappear (or appear)
  • how to use a life line to save you heartache and frustration

with this tricks and tips, you’ll save yourself from a lot of ripping!

PRE-WORK REQUIRED: you must 3 swatches before class so you will be able to practice the tips and tricks i’m teaching!

call cyndi today (501.339.8832) to get our spot & your pre-work handout!

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