knitted knockers

yep you heard me right! knitted knockers!

boobies! ta-tas! jugs! whatever you call them, as women, we’ve got them (or had them at one time)! and as we all know october is breast cancer awareness month. so why not knit some knockers for someone who has had their rack betray them!


there’s this great organization called KNITTED KNOCKERS! you can go to their website to find out how to knit a knocker, where to send your knocker, or how to get a knocker!

you can crochet them or knit them! (no hook discrimination here!) you can magic loop them or dpn them or knit them flat! you can even loom them if you are so inclined! but just please use the PATTERNS provided by knitted knockers!

and don’t (PLEASE DON’T) make them out of acrylic! think about it? would you want to wear non-breathing, heat radiating acrylic next your skin for hours a day! TRUST ME THE ANSWER IS A BIG FAT NO!!! even the softest modern acrylic is a big NO!


so pay attention to the KNITTED KNOCKERS APPROVED YARN list! cotton, pima cotton in particular, looks to be almost always a winner. and there are some great options sold at the local yarn shops around the state.* mockingbird moon in rogers is having a KNITTED KNOCKERS WORKSHOP saturday, october 14th from 10:30-12:30 (during the ARKANSAS YARN CRAWL)!


what i love most about knitted knockers? you can do whatever color you want! i mean, yes, they can  be life like (flesh color and nipple color). but why have something you were born with when you can have any color under the rainbow. make them psychedelic or speckled or neon! have the nipples bright yellow and the body variegated purple! take all your yarn scraps (only approved fibers please!) and make a crazy, technicolor dream knocker!

so help a gal out! knit a knocker for someone! you never know when you are going to need one yourself!

happy knitting!


*why don’t you pick some up during the ARKANSAS YARN CRAWL October 13th through 22nd?!?!?!

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