when i have all the time in the world…

most people think that because i own a yarn shop, i knit all day long. well sorry to burst the bubble but i don’t. too many other things to do like order yarn, plan classes, and clean the bathroom.

i knit at home but like all of us, there are dishes, laundry, & other stuff that get in the way!

so i have a knitting bucket list of projects that i want to do when i have all the time in the world to knit! i use my ravelry queue & favorites to keep track of them!


fair isle is the reason i started knitting! i have always LOVED those great ski sweater (child of the 80s here!) & like so many beginner knitter, i thought i could knit it cheaper than i could buy it. *rolling on the floor laughing*


cool, challenging new stitches are always on my list. the challenge of learning new things is the reason knitting continues to get all the press about its health benefit & keeping your mind active.


this sweater has been in my ravelry queue from the very beginning! & i even have the yarn to knit it. but i’m not sure i would every wear it. it’s mohair and mohair is so HOT!


oh bella’s mittens!!! those cables! some day! some day i will knit you!


this will be my sweater quest! if you haven’t read the book, you should! a hard to get pattern! a nearly impossible to find yarn! & a journey through knitting! the aimee pull will be my sweater quest! it is knitted out of mission falls 1824 wool (discontinued)! so i lurk on ebay and ravelry to see when i can get a new color to add to my collection!


and if i can ever decide on a color combination (so unlike me), then i just might cast this baby on!

we all have a knitting bucket list! what’s on yours? tell us in the blog comments, on our Facebook page or through instagram! make sure to use the hashtag #theyarnmartlr!

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  1. Gorgeous to-do list. The pink and brown shawl would look darling on Molly Ringwald, but I think I could pull it off nicely, too. Adding to my queue.

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