KDYS – Queue and WIPs

Happy New Year! I’m excited about this year of knitting down my stash. I’ve gotten skeptical looks from my husband and my knitting friends but I think I’m up for the challenge.

To start the project off, I have organized my stash and I have donated/given away yarn that I know I will never use. I also finally realized that you have to mark yarn in your stash “Used” when you use it all up. How many years have I been on Ravelry and I’m still learning. So the official stash count is 130.

I have 49 project in my queue (on Ravelry)  and 13 projects in my WIPs (Works in Progress).

My WIPs are a variety of projects from sweaters to socks and were started yesterday or in some cases, 3 years ago. For those of you on Ravelry, you can check them out. For those of you not on Ravelry, here is the run down.

O W L S for Yarn Mart KAL – started 1/1/2012
Nuvem – started 11/3/2011 for KAL at Yarn Mart
Baby Blanket for the Rattermans – started 12/10/2011
Spectrum Scarf KAL – started 10/13/2011
Grove Mitten Version 2 – started 9/8/2011
Graphic Sox – started 08/16/2011 for example for 2 socks on 1 circ class
Momma’s Market Bag – started 7/7/2011
Dress for Julienne’s Baby – started 6/4/2011
Huron for a Girl – started 1/11/11
Noro Lace Cover Up – started 10/10/2010
Socks for Van 2 – started 08/05/2010
Beret for Me – started 02/20/2009

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