My obsession with socks…

About 2 years ago, I declared to my mother-in-law – “I have no desire to learn how to knit socks.”

First pair of toe up socks – completed!

Well with that statement, my sock obsession began. It was like once I said that I couldn’t stop thinking about socks. Yes, I know that I can go to Walmart or Target and buy them for a lot cheaper than I can knit them but where is the challenge in that? I tried knitting one sock at a time on double points and I just didn’t enjoy the process, not to mention that I never started the second sock. Then I tried two socks on one circular needle – cuff down. They are all out of wack and the Kitchener didn’t make sense at all. Finally I tried toe up/two socks on one circular and I got it. My gauge isn’t always perfect and my socks don’t always fit right but I do enjoy knitting them. So until I get all the bugs out of the process and can knit a pair a month like the Yarn Harlot, I will continue to enjoy knitting socks as well as buying them from Walmart and Target.

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