Cleaning Out Closets

One of the things that I love to do more anything is to clean out closet. I know — it is odd but I find that we have so much clutter in our lives and in our house the clutter gets shoved in a closet most of the time. And we have lots of closets to shove stuff into in this house.

So I’ve been slowing cleaning out closet one at a time over the past few weeks. I stress the slowing part but if I try and clean them all out at once, my DH and the Kid start to tick. They don’t like the change that comes with moving stuff around the house, not to mention getting rid of stuff. It seriously bother them. So I clean at a part of a closet at a time or wait until they are both out of the house and then I can attack with full force.

The point of this post is that instead of scooping everything up and putting it in the car and giving it away to Goodwill, I’m taking a different approach this time. EBAY!!!!! If I can, I’ll try and sell it. Why not??? For minimal effort, I can list the item and it might sell – it might not. With even less effort I can relist items that don’t sell. And people will buy anything. This time last year I bought a bunch of Eddie Bauer jeans on sale in my size. Well it wasn’t my size by the end of the summer so I only wore them once or twice by the time they didn’t fit. I listed them on eBay and every single pair sold. I didn’t recoup all my money but at least I got something back.

Two weekends ago I tackled the VHS tapes and DVDs. We moved into this house over 3 years ago and I clearly organized the VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs in a closet so they would be out of sight but easily accessible. Then came Netflix. Don’t need the videos anymore. We haven’t watched a single one since we moved in. The only videos we have watched are new DVDs we bought for the Kid. So to eBay they went. DH questioned if anybody would buy a VHS tape anymore. I’ve sold more VHS than DVDs. Amazing!!!

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