Gotta love TJ Maxx…

On Saturday, DH and Will and I ventured out between the thunderstorms to get Will some new sneakers. Shoe Connection is the one place in Little Rock that I can find good shoes for him and look at shoes for me as well. Plus it doesn’t involve the mall.

So after a very successful shoe shopping trip, Will asked to go to the shop next door. He is my child after all and 90% of the time, he enjoys shopping. We trekked over to TJ Maxx and I did a quick once through of the pants and shirts. TJ Maxx has good linen and gauzey shirts (sometimes). No luck there but I did find a pant of Talbots khaki colored dress pants for only $16.99. I snatched those up and was off to see where DH and Will had gone off too and hoping they were not in the toy section. I found them in houseware and I found this…


I had been wanting one to use as a display when photographing my WIPs and finished knitting projects. The greatest thing was that is was only $59.00 – more than half the price of dress forms at sewing shops or online. Too cool!!!!

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