Is it already May 13th???

Time sure does fly whether you are having fun or not. I’m having fun though. So much as been going on that I don’t know where to begin. So I apologize in advance for the random ramble.

The kitchen is operational once again. Most everything is back in the cabinets and I have been cooking up a storm. I feel so grown up now that I have gone through a kitchen remodel and made it through the other side unharmed. It was definitely a rite of passage. Here are pictures of the final result. It is a bit messy and the trim still needs to be installed around windows and doors but the stove, dishwasher and sink work and that is all that matters to me.

So now the whole house has to come back together. I knew that when we redid the kitchen, the kitchen would be destroyed (literally) and that they dining room would become a makeshift kitchen during the remodel. But I had not idea that the spillover would reach every corner of the house. This weekend is clean out weekend – not clean up but clean out. Time to purge the house of the unwanted and unneeded junk. I’m so excited.

Easter was wonderful this year. I think I might even enjoy it more than Christmas as far as holidays go. We hunted eggs and had a wonderful lunch with friends and family. It was a relaxing and refreshing day.

 My knitting has slowed down because I’ve not scheduled myself time to knit. Plus Angry Birds is an amazing time sucker. I have many projects sitting on needles or needing to be blocked or needing to be photographed. Here are a few that I have been able to click recently.

 I hope to have much more to report after my weekend of cleaning out.

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