You may say I’m a dreamer…

I’ve never been a big fan of John Lennon or the song “Imagine.” I discovered the song in 8th or 9th grade when I was going through my hippie stage so that was about 1988 or 1989. But I’ve been thinking about this song a lot lately with all the dreaming I’ve been doing.

Clara Parkes posted on her blog this weekend about her contingency plan if the knitting thing doesn’t work out. At the end of her post she says, “All I can conclude is that even when you’re lucky enough to live your wildest dreams, you still end up dreaming.”

And a couple of weeks ago, we had a guest speaker do a program at the museum and I wanted to run up to him and hug him and kiss him on the cheek. He is a world reknown medical researcher who is going to change the spread of AIDS in the world and he is probably going win a Noble prize. He said that he is lucky to have found a profession that he loves and it was his dream at the age of 11. But he has a contingency plan. If he weren’t a doctor, he would be a master woodworker. 

I’m supposed to be living my dream but it is more like a nightmare. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m just talking about work. Since my wonderful husband reads my blog, I want him to know that personally he is better than anything I could have dreamed. 🙂 But professionally this is not the career I dreamed of having. I’m stuck in a job that makes me feel unfulfilled. I have no purpose for being at work and I’m bored out of my gourd. I’m a project person. I need something to give me a since of accomplishment. I don’t need instant gratification but I do need something to work toward. But I’m so burned out where I am that even projects that I concoct are not doing it for me. I’m working on changing my situation but I’m scared that my idea is only a dream and the dream will not come true and I’ll be stuck and devastated on top of it all.

So Clara Parkes made be feel better about dreaming because she is living the dream and is still dreaming. Maybe dreamers always dream even when the dream comes true.

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