Kitchen Remodel 2

Here are more pictures from our kitchen remodel.

After the plumber and electrician were done, we could insulate the exterior walls. Yes, our wonderful 1950s ranch had not insulation in the exterior walls.

Then the next week my father-in-law returned to sheetrock the room.

After the walls were taped and the wall mud was applied, my wonderful husband was responsible for sanding the joints and applying more mud were needed. Here he is after the first sanding…

Then the walls were primed and cement board was put down. The big brown puddle in the middle of the floor is leveling compound. The beer box is covering the HVAC register in the floor.

Now for the wall color debate. I like the dark color and husband and father in law like the lighter color. I wonder who will win.

The tile floor is going down this weekend. It has been a bear and hopefully today will go much better than yesterday. Pray for my father-in-law who is a saint to do all this for us (well, let’s admit it – it is really for me!)

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