Is Yarn Really Cheaper on the Internet???

The question all knitters struggle with – is yarn really less expensive on the internet???

So I’m starting an little experiment. As I work on different project, I’m going to do a price comparison between my LYS and several popular online yarn shops. Here are the rules – it has a be an exact comparison – Berroco Vintage from the LYS up against Berroco Vintage online. Maybe later I will get into the debate about LYS versus big box stores.

So here goes. I knitted this sweater, Huron by Jared Flood, for myself. I used Berroco Vintage instead of the Classic Elite Portland Tweed that the pattern called for.

I purchase (5) skeins of Vintage at my LYS for $6.50 a skein for a total of $32.50.

On Webs Vintage sales for $6.50 per skein and it is the same at Jimmy Bean Wool Online.

Webs shipping fee is $6.25 and Webs only has free shipping on large items like looms, etc.

You have to spend over $49 to get free shipping from Jimmy Bean Wool Online so with the $4.00, you will still pay more ordering online than driving to your LYS and touching and feeling the yarn before you buy it.

So support your LYS – they are not more expensive on Berroco Vintage then the online dealers.


  1. I agree, plus you want to support local, if you can. I am lucky in that I have several (about 5 or 6) LYS within an hour from me and more a little over an hour from me. I'm also on a mission to visit them all in CT…so today I am off to visit 2 about an hour and a half from me…oh and Webs is about 90 minutes from me, too….


  2. I love to go on yarn crawls when I'm traveling. I would love to hear about the store in CT. I've been to most of the yarn shops in TN because we go to Chattanooga a lot and we have to drive almost the whole state to get there. :)This summer we are going to the beach (Alabama coast) and I'm already plotting our stops.


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