To the knitting obsessed…

In Sweater Quest, knitter Susette Newberry comments that some of her non-knitting co-workers saw her knitting as an obsession and considered obsession unprofessional. Well I’m here to say that I’m a obsessed knitter and I don’t think there is anything unprofessional with a little healthy obsession. I can count on one hand the number of times that I have been to a yarn store and not purchased something – at least a magazine or a pair of needles. Yes, I daydream about knitting and patterns and knitting problems when I’m in a work related meeting. Yes, I dream about yarn and knitting at night. My husband claims that 90% of the time if I’m sitting, I’m knitting.

I love the complex simplicity of knitting. I love making something with my hands. I love the process of the making each stitch and all the stitches adding up to something beautiful. I love the puzzle aspect of knitting and the fact that I can solve a problem with common sense and logic. I love reading about knitting technique. I am a knitter who happens to be a historian. I love to knit in public and have people ask me what I’m doing. I love to hear stories of non-knitters about their mothers or grandmothers who knitted or crocheted but they never picked it up.

So to all those non-knitting non-obsessed co-workers out there (who will never read this), don’t point fingers. I bet you have an obsession with something. Books, food, trains, dolls, television shows – whatever!

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