Work in Progress Wednesday: Textured Circle Shrug, Noro Lace Cover Up and Jared Flood Hat

This post was supposed to go up two weeks ago and then again last week but with a husband out of town and a sick child and then a sick me, I just didn’t get the post finished. So here is my long over due Work in Progress Wednesday.

My Noro Lace Cover Up is knitting up quite nicely. I’m almost done with the back and this lace stitch is wonderful.

My Jared Flood hat is coming along slower than I thought. It has been awhile since I’ve done Fair Isle and with this design I have to have all my attention focused on it. I can’t talk and do it. It is best if my husband and child are out of the house.

And I’m at a stand still with my Textured Circle Shrug. I need some quiet time to figure out my weird marker placement and how to resolve my missing stitch issue.


  1. Nice work on both the shrug and the cover-up! Looks like heaps of progress to me, especially given that you've all been sick. Hope you and yours are all feeling better!


  2. Thanks for all the nice comments.We are all better now. The Lace Cover Up is very simple knitting-wise but I just have make sure to pay attention at the beginning of each even row. It has a purl wrong side which is always nice with lace.


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