Work in Progress Wednesday: Beaumont Hat and Noro Lace Cover-up

I started two new projects last week – the Beaumont Tam from Jared Flood’s booklet Made In Brooklyn and the Lace Cover-up from Knitting Noro.

The Tam is a class project at my LYS. There are 4 other women in the class with me and the range of color are extraordinary. The colors that I chose are so close in value that the design is not as pronounced. But we are using Classic Elites Fresco and it is so yummy that I think I will do a hat in purple for myself. This one is for my mom.

The Lace Cover-Up is been a challenge to start. It is a 4 row lace pattern with a purl back on rows 2 and 4. I started and frogged it 4 or 5 times because I got the first lace repeat right. But now it is knitting up very nicely. I am using Noro Yuzen which I got on sale at WEBS this summer. It is not the called for but I got my gauge right and I love the colors and texture.

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