Finished Object Friday – February Lady Sweater

It is finished!!!! I only need buttons and I will be strutting my stuff.
In hindsight, the pattern was very easy to understand and the sweater was easy to knit. I had a few problems with the eyelet increase row and separating the sleeves but those problems were easily solved with the help of Ravelry. My biggest problem was knitting the sleeves. I just had the hardest time getting the right number of stitches for the gull lace pattern and keeping those stitches. I didn’t have the same issue with the lace on the body of the sweater. 
These was 2nd attempt at this sweater. The first yarn that I selected had too much alpaca and therefore too much halo to really see the lace pattern. So I frogged that version and started afresh with Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton and Silk.What a beautiful yarn!!!


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