If you know the real name of the fictionalized race car called the King (in Disney/Pixar’s CARS), then you like me, have watched the movie over 1 gazillion times!!!!! For those of you that have not seen the movie as much, his name is Strip Weathers!

My son has been watching Cars (or as he calls it My Queen for McQueen) as much as possible for about 2 months now. I know I know – we shouldn’t let him watch that much TV but we can get so much done!!!! Now my husband and I have seen it so many times that we can recite the whole movie from another room and are beginning to find flaws in the previous brilliant movie. Why didn’t Mack know that McQueen had activated the back door and was not longer in the trailer? If there are 250,000 cars there as spectators at the California race, how big would the track stands have to be to accommodate them all? These are just a few of the many questions that we have discussed before, during, and after our many viewings.

Here is the problem I have. It is a brilliantly conceptualized movie that we both loved the first 50 times we watched it. I mean the bugs are VW bugs and the mesa are in the shapes of cars from the 30s and 40s. As historians, we love the story of the how the federal interstate system changed America and changed the way we traveled (for good and bad). But now I dread the movie and that is my sadness. I hope that one day I will be able to watch it with fresh eyes and see all the wonder I saw the first 49 times. For now, I need to go reset the DVD player.

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