The Allure of Scaves

Dropped Stitch Scarf

Scarves have a certain allure for me. There is something romantic and sexy and comforting about a scarf. Even before I began knitting, I was drawn to scarves ( I was drawn to sweaters as well but that is a different post). I guess it is the idea of bundling up on a cold winter’s day with a hand-knitted wool or alpaca or cashmere scarf wrapped around your neck. It protects you from the chill of winter. Then there are summer scarves made of silk and cotton and linen. They are cool to the skin and add a touch of pizazz to an outfit. Living in Arkansas, we don’t have much call for wool scarves and summer scarves are reserved for spring and fall because the summers here are too unbearable.

Cable Scarf

Last March I walked into my LYS and announced that I was “scarfed-out.” I had just knitted a fabulous drop stitch scarf with an amazing Noro yarn (above) as well as a handsomely gorgeous cashmere/alpaca blend scarf for my husband (below). For the past 2 years I have worked off and on on a scarf for myself made out of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk (right). It is an incredible cable pattern that will be lovely once I get it finished. And this is my problem with scarves. They take so darn long to finish. Most scarves are 70 inches long – that’s a lot of knitting. And of course I don’t pick the simple patterns. No, I have to chose the complicated patterns that take concentration.

Cashmere/Alpaca Blend Scarf

And I enable new knitters. I teach a Beginning Knitting Class and one of the two starter projects that I give my students is a 1×1 rib scarf. The other project is a cotton washcloth but the majority of students pick the scarf as their first project. As the class progresses (it is only 3 nights), the students begin to realize how long it is going to take. But the tradition continues. And I continue to knit scarves and oh & ah at scarf patterns. And I will continue to knit scarves. I just love them too much to stop myself.

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  1. Your scarves are absolutely gorgeous and agree, they are perfect for cold weather. It is getting colder here in Scotland, so mine will be getting an airing soon and of course, more will be made!


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