Today is 90210 and thanks to a certain local morning show I have had the theme to Beverly Hills 90210 in my head all day long. I remember when 90210 was not a phenomena. I remember stumbling on to a show about 2 twins who moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, California and the culture shock they experienced. I was a sophomore in high school and Fox was the cool channel because they had shows like Married With Children and 21 Jumpstreet. I remember thinking that this new show was interesting and that it was neat to have a show about “kids” my age. It amazes me that of all my experiences in life I can remember exactly where I was when I first saw this show. I was in my bedroom at my parents’ house. I remember the now ancient looking television that my dad gave me for my room for Christmas the previous year. I remember the clunky remote control that only had 5 buttons. I remember talking to my friends at school the next day about the show. Amazing.

I didn’t watch 90210 for its full run. I watched religiously through high school and part of college. But I remember the first time.

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