Morning ride with my boys

My new bike.

When I was pregnant, one of my biggest fears was not being able to sleep-in anymore after the baby came. I know – it is a weird thing to worry about but I think most pregnant women worry about odd things. Now sleeping-in for me was 8am at the latest on a Saturday or Sunday but I’m one of those people that needs every minute of sleep I can get. I also used to fashion myself a “night person” so the thought of being up before 7am was a nightmare for me.

Now my favorite time of day is the morning. Early morning – from 6am to 8am. Especially on the weekends. Don’t get me wrong – I would like to be able to sleep until 7:30 and on the rare occasion when that happens, it is bliss. But I like the quiet of the neighborhood and the cooler temperatures. I can relax and not worry about all the household chores that need to be done.

Will in his trailer.

This morning Will was up at 5:30am thanks to the cat. So we were up as well. By 7am we were loading the bikes and heading to North Little Rock to ride the River Trail. The trail is a whole system of bike trails running about 22 miles on the Little Rock and North Little Rock sides of the river. The connecting point is the Big Dam Bridge over Murry Lock and Dam just west of downtown Little Rock. We don’t ride over the dam yet so we drive to North Little Rock and ride on that side. Eventually we will be in shape enough to cross the bridge but that will take a lot of riding.

My husband and I bought new bikes this summer and Will rides behind one of us in a little trailer. He can have  his books, toys, and snacks as we ride along and he doesn’t get bored. I was against the trailer at first because they are expense and I thought one of those seats behind the rider would be just fine but the guy at the bike shop convenience us that the trailer was better and he was right.

Great Blue Herron

The weather has been so cool here that in the shady spots, I could have had jeans on and not get hot. We saw a white crane and a great blue heron. We saw beautiful bales of hay and hear birds, trains and airplanes. A small flock of Canadian geese flew over at one point. The ride was so lovely. We stopped and took pictures and enjoyed the low humidity. It was a rare treat for an Arkansas August. It was a wonderful 7 mile ride and a great being to a family day.

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