What’s with the name?

Blogging has intrigued me for years. As a historian, the thought of having a place to record the random musing of an ordinary person is fascinating. I did the majority of my graduate work using letters and diaries to better understand the lives of people long dead – to better understand how people lived in the past. So much was in those letters and diaries but so much was missing as well. I haven’t written a personal letter since college. Blogging is the letter writing of the 21st century. Since I’m a voyeur into the lives of people long gone (by reading their letters and trying to make sense of their lives), I figure it is only appropriate that I write letters of my own to invisible faces. This is my experiment.

Let me explain the title of my blog. No my name is not Breckinridge. I’m not even related to anybody named Breckinridge (as far as I know). So why the title “Breckinridge Diaries” instead of some random title like “Thoughts While Driving” or “Musing of a Female Historian” (all early contenders)? I wrote my Master’s Thesis on a woman named Katherine Carson Breckinridge. She was born in 1851 and died in 1921. You will read more about her later but it was during the thesis writing process that I first thought about blogging. There were random thoughts and random roads of research that I traveled down and I wanted to place to record them. I was never a good diarist because I am a horrible speller. Emails and Facebook didn’t seem to fill the need.

My blog will be about me and my random thoughts – the things I’m learning on this wonderful journey called life. I’ve been told that I’m a good storyteller although my stories tend to be long. My musing will include my passion for knitting, my passion for history, my passion for cooking and my passion for literature. Occasionally I will write about my 2 year old son and my wonderful husband. I don’t expect to become famous from this blog because the sole reason for doing it is for myself.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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